Fact Sheet

Project Location

West of Sheldon Road to west of Lotz Road, and the M-153 (Ford Road)/Haggerty intersection in Canton Twp, Wayne County.

Project Features
  • Eastbound and westbound Ford Road traffic will be separated by a boulevard with at least two through lanes in each direction
  • The center turn lane will be eliminated
  • Several dedicated passenger vehicle/truck turnarounds will be added
  • Left turns at intersections will be reduced and traffic signals will be added
  • Continuous ADA-certified sidewalks will be constructed on both sides of the road.
Benefits to the Community
  • Improved safety and traffic flow along Ford Road
  • Safer access to businesses
  • Improved safety and traffic flow at intersections
  • Sidewalks designed for visual impact, personal mobility safety and overall pedestrian safety
Crash Data

Crash data was analyzed for the three-year period of July 1, 2016 to July 1, 2019, at ten signalized intersections, four unsignalized intersections, thirteen roadway segments, and six ramps at the I-275/M-153 interchange. Above average crash rates at some intersections were significantly higher than the average, as the following table shows. To review the complete report on crash data, click here.

M-53 (Ford Road) Entering
Average Daily Total
Crash Rate
Intersections With Signals (West to East) Rate Average Over Average
@ Canton Center Road 46,250 3.26 1.14 186%
@ Sheldon Road 40,650 2.99 1.14 162%
@ Morton Taylor Road 34,810 1.34 1.07 25%
@ Lilley Road 45,790 4.13 1.14 262%
@ Haggerty Road 58,500 3.20 1.35 137%
@ Lotz Road 40,900 1.99 1.14 74%
Intersections Without Signals (West to East) Rate Average Over Average
@ Panera Bread/BWW
35,570 0.36 0.27 33%

(1) Source: Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG), January 2016.